Retirement Solutions

Gone are the days of working for the same company for 35 years and collecting a pension for the next 25. While statistics vary from seven to 15, the average number of job changes over a lifetime is definitely increasing. The cost of living is increasing as well. With pensions on the decline and Social Security benefits seemingly an ongoing news story, we are hearing from more clients than ever before as they seek qualified advice on how to fund, grow, and control their retirement fund on their own to pursue their retirement dreams.

Retirement Protection

Many options, one focus: You

Among our most popular options are annuities and insurance products that offer tax advantages and peace of mind that you may not know about. Be sure to ask us what has changed since the last time you had a personalized retirement planning conversation.

  • Tax-free and tax-deferred options
  • Principal guaranteed options
  • Familiar and cutting-edge product options

We offer a broad spectrum of retirement planning options, including:

  • Fixed Indexed Annuities
  • Multi-Year Guarantee Annuities (MYGA)
  • Single Premium Indexed Annuities (SPIA)
  • Indexed Universal Life Programs (IUL)

Custom-Tailored Financial Strategies

With every client, we focus on your unique goals, priorities, and resources to look beyond the surface to deliver custom-tailored financial strategies. If you’re shopping online for annuity rates, insurance, or other financial planning options, don’t go it alone. LifeShield takes pride in offering the ideal mix of personalized attention and extensive product options to help you sort easily identify the right options for you.

At LifeShield, our focus is on you.

What are your retirement dreams?

No matter what your plans, we can all agree that we need money to make them come to life.


Perhaps you’d simply like to stay in your existing home, spend time with your grandchildren, continue working part-time


Maybe you’d like to enjoy outings across the region, see the United States, or even go around the world


Would you like to invest your retirement years into volunteering and leading charitable causes?


Are you ready to rediscover your talents or explore your calling? Do you want to have an encore life mission?


Proudly serving our region

We pride ourselves in being a high-integrity regional financial firm: large enough to offer the breadth of options you need, but personalized enough to make every recommendation with care and connection. Contact us today to schedule your confidential retirement planning assessment.

How much experience do you have as a retirement planning advisor?

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Do I have to be wealthy to plan effectively?

Here at LifeShield, we happily serve clients of all financial means. Whether you make $5000 a month or $5000 a week, we customize our approach and recommendations to best serve you.

What about privacy? Can I trust that our meeting is really confidential?

Yes! We are highly professional and maintain relationships with hundreds of highly selective carriers because of our commitment to ethics and our attention to detail. We never sell, share, rent, or trade any sensitive client data for any reason other than having the carriers of your choice provide the services of your choice.

I worry that I'll get a lot of calls and emails and sales solicitation interruptions if I request an appointment. Some companies out there are unrelenting. Can I trust you to let me decide?

I hear it all the time. When you have an appointment with a LifeShield financial planning expert, you are meeting with an experienced, high-integrity professional working for a local company here in our region. You will not be subjected to ruthless hounding or robocalls. We’re your neighbors, and we treat others the way we want to be treated.