College Planning

In today’s world of student loan overwhelm, college planning is more urgent and important than ever before. You have the ability to create a living legacy of ongoing financial freedom and stability for your children or grandchildren. We have the experience and options to help you make their lives better for a lifetime.

What will college look like for your family?

Today, college looks different for every family and every student within a family. While some opt to pursue the traditional four-year model and move into industries requiring degrees and a sequential career progression, others may choose a career in law, healthcare, or other fields requiring further education beyond college. Conversely, some students choose a vocational or community college path, opting for in-demand fields in healthcare, hospitality, or the trades.

Whatever they decide, the students in your life will be greatly benefited by every moment you spend today with an experienced, trusted college financial planning professional. Here at LifeShield, we know the value of quality education and strive to maximize the value of every dollar you entrust to us. For better tomorrows, let’s get together today.

What will education cost 18 years from now?

It is estimated that the average private college four-year education is going to cost over $130,000.00 in 15 years. For some, that’s the equivalent of a home mortgage. At the same time, the cost of education is climbing faster than salaries. Could that leave your children or grandchildren choosing between a degree or their dream home? Potentially… Unless they have help.

With your commitment today, and your ongoing consistency over the years, your next generations can avoid the hard decisions, struggles, and disappointments that others may simply have to face alone.

Your children or grandchildren can benefit from your dedication and our expertise, no matter how much time remains until they walk across their high school stage in their cap and gown:

Three Premium Payment Options Now Available!

Hypothetical Example*: 35 Year-Old Female; 18 Year Endowment; $25,000 Benefit

Benefit amounts
up to $150,000! 


Annual Premium

Total Premium

Discount from $25,000

Maturity Amount

Pay to Maturity

Client pays $87.29 per month for 18 years and at maturity receives $25,000.
That's $6,145 of growth!






5-Year Pay

 Client pays $256.03 per month for 5 years and at maturity receives $25,000.
That's $9,638.20 of growth!





Single Pay

Client pays $13,673.50 once and at maturity receives $23,000.
That's $11,326.50 of growth!




The College Plan’s guarantees differentiate it from other college funding vehicles. 

Guaranteed Growth

No Stock Market Risk

Life Insurance Benefit

Use Money for Any Purpose without Penalty

Tax-Deductible Contributions

Our College Plan Options


Bank Savings Account

529 Plan

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