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In an uncertain world, preparation is key for your family’s stability. LifeShield’s trusted asset protection experts have helped families nationwide protect themselves against tomorrow’s storms with life insurance programs that provide financial security.

Enjoy Hassle-Free Financial Security and Protection Your Family

Founded in 2010, LifeShield is a brokerage established by its parent company, Insurance Brokers Group, to simplify the complex world of traditional and specialty life insurance products for families. For the past 35 years, Insurance Brokers Group has been a staple in the industry, and LifeShield’s establishment has shown to be another impactful extension demonstrating integrity and valuable performance.

Since then, our customers have enjoyed the peace of mind that comes in dealing with a company that keeps its promises at times when they need a reliable bedrock. Our mission is to deliver value and financial strength to you by putting your needs first – that means ensuring that our professionals are accountable to you and your long-term security.

Our Policyowner Protection Promise

The modern world is complicated, and the world of financial products is no different, offering a choice to fit the most diversely unique situations. As a brokerage, we are here to help you protect your future by finding the right financial product for your needs.

Unlike “captive” brokers, our working relationship with America’s best insurance companies gives you the versatile flexibility in choosing a custom insurance plan that isn’t constrained by having to limit yourself to the financial products of just one company. We give you the peace of mind that comes with a limitless financial product choice that fits your needs – not those of any one insurance company’s shareholders.

Responsible Life Insurance Protection for the Uninsurable

At LifeShield, we believe insurance is a right, not a privilege – and our extensive portfolio of financial insurance products means that we can find policies for the “uninsurable” where others won’t.

Whether you are suffering from health issues, work in a job that puts you in danger, or even enjoy the thrill of hobbies that put you at risk, our experienced professionals are on hand to help you. Together, we will find an affordable policy that gives you peace of mind and protects your family.

Peace of Mind with Policies That Lead the Market Today

The world around us is constantly changing – and every day, new insurance and financial products arrive on the market to help families to best adapt to those changes. At LifeShield, our agents constantly monitor the market to find products that benefit our customers.

When you contact us, you’ll enjoy an unparalleled choice of the latest high-quality insurance and financial products, rated A-class by AM Best, the leading global finance rating company. Our expert research ensures that whichever policy you choose, you’ll enjoy the best protection on the market to match your budget.

Support at Every Stage of Your Life Journey

You can trust LifeShield’s experienced insurance professionals to help you make the best decisions for your future with accurate representation and protection. People are at the heart of what we do; we only deal with policies that we would be happy to recommend to our own close friends and family.

Discover the LifeShield advantage today: start working with our knowledgeable team of life insurance experts to open a door into a new world of insurance products. What’s more, you will work with a personal agent who you can contact directly without having to endure the time-wasting frustration of automated phone queues.

Benefits of working with us

Understand your Options

Understand the choices that you have with advisors who speak to you in plain English, not confusing jargon and terms that leave you unsure of your options.

Advice from Professionals

Get advice from finance professionals who understand your life circumstances and design insurance policies that assist you in securing your long-term goals.

Industry-Leading Expertise

Enjoy industry-leading expertise to help you make the right policy choices for you and your family – without feeling pressurized to act immediately.

Identify Problem Areas

Assistance in understanding the bigger picture of your finances, identifying potential problem areas, and effective ways to combat those issues.

In-depth Answers

Find the best, in-depth answers to the important financial security and insurance questions that you have – and even to those you never thought of.


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