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Get $50 To $100 Cash in Your Pocket

(or donated to a great local charity)
for every quoted homeowner you refer!

  • What’s better than helping hardworking homeowners avoid foreclosure? Getting paid to!
  • You know something they don’t: that for less than that daily cup of coffee to go, they can protect against death, critical illness, and disability: the three major threats to homeowners across America
  • You can connect the homeowners in your life to a trusted, established, local professional today… Even if they bought or refinanced long ago… As long as they’re still making mortgage payments, it’s not too late!

Just by sharing your trust in LifeShield,
(while not selling the Mortgage Protection itself)

you can make a difference (and some cash) for yourself or a charity today!

So why isn’t everybody protected, then?

The secret is… It’s still a secret.

With the strict regulations faced today by banks and lenders, the companies that used to sell the old mortgage protection solutions don’t promote this product for the most part. And most mainstream insurance agents are busy selling other more lucrative lines of protection.

So Mortgage Protection quietly waits for famil

At LifeShield, we believe helping people discover this powerful financial safety net is our mission and moral obligation to our community at large.

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Jason’s wife and daughters are safe from the threat of foreclosure for < $1/day

One of LifeShield’s newest mortgage protection clients, Jason, decided it makes sense to spend less than $1 a day to make sure if something happened to him, that his wife, Mary, and their two wonderful daughters, would be taken care of.

With mortgage protection in place, Jason has total peace of mind, knowing that he is protected against death, critical illness, and disability, all for an affordable monthly premium.

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